ANSGAR ARYAN official statement 17.10.2012 (english version)

Dear comrades, friends and supporters,

as you may have seen , last week a so called “small inquiry” was answered from the Thuringian government to the subject ANSGAR ARYAN by the Thuringian ministry of the interior and published by the parliament. Unfortunately, the questioner has used this publication to spread this and other reproaches against ANSGAR ARYAN. They published „ANSGAR ARYAN finances itself by drug trafficking and would be involved in criminal machinations.“
Who spread this wrong reproaches?

The questioner who turns here against ANSGAR ARYAN is the Thuringian Landtag representative, Mrs. Katharina König, speaker for youth politics and antifascism of the group DIE LINKE in the Thuringian Landtag. If you look her up via internet Mrs. König, don’t make a mistake and change to Catherina König: Meeting, touch, massage, sexual company under – the correct domain is htttp://

Why this reproaches?

The supposition is obvious that Mrs. König sees ANSGAR ARYAN in a right conspiracy not only up to the NSU, but also with criminals of every kind and cannot make a distinction from sincerely patriotic thinking people. Differently the fight of Mrs. König against everything patriotic can be hardly explaind. According to Mrs. König „ANSGAR ARYAN belongs meanwhile to the most important Neo-Nazi-distributors in Germany.“ However, with this statement ANSGAR ARYAN does not become criminal, also not if this woman repeats this over and over again.

Double standards and hypocrisy?

Once apart from the fact that ANSGAR ARYAN is not financed by drug trafficking and is not involved in criminal machinations – the Thuringian ministry of the interior has also on no account answered the „small inquiry“ from Mrs. König in this way – we think that the reproaches of Mrs. König are very contradictory. Just the party of Mrs. König has entered over and over again for the legalisation of drugs and the very same Mrs. König has protected drug-takers against the police in the past. Now under these conditions it is not credible to defame ANSGAR ARYAN with the expression of upset as a member of the drug mafia. The senseless allegation can be proved by nothing, especially not by her „small inquiry“.

Our statement

We don’t think that the reproaches of Mrs. König need attention at all. Indeed, nevertheless, the reproaches of Mrs. König have found a certain spreading and therefore, we see ourselves forced to answer in this way:

  • No! ANSGAR ARYAN is not financed by drug trafficking, but by the successful sales of clothing! 
  • No! ANSGAR ARYAN was not involved in criminal machinations, but was obliged the idea to express our pride in our country at the age of 3,000 years of Germanic history! 
  • No! ANSGAR ARYAN does not have any contact to the supposed drug dealer’s ring in the sphere of the „Freie Netz“ from Saxony! 
  • No! ANSGAR ARYAN does not deal with drugs! 
  • No! ANSGAR ARYAN also does not try to take over the business of the „Vietnamese drug mafia gang“! 
  • No! ANSGAR ARYAN doesn’t have a villa, no freehold flat or other property and also no own vehicle fleet! 
  • No! Not a single employee of ANSGAR ARYAN consumes drugs or is addicted to drugs!

We will strictly pursue all different assertions!

What Mrs. König cannot recognize and wants, our customers know it certainly. ANSGAR ARYAN offers an excellent offer of stylish clothing for the best possible price. Our costumers who wear our fashion, show their sincerely patriotic beliefs with it and is not a criminal. This and nothing else counts for us if it is about ANSGAR ARYAN. We can write it in this way: When you have developed satisfied customers with devotion to a fair cause, needs no mafia methods to succeed. Thanks to You all! We know that your loyalty is no self-evident fact.